Pacific Lake Roundtable on Accelerating Manager Efficacy

June 8, 2023


One of the best ways to drive results and employee engagement is to increase the effectiveness of your managers. In this mini-workshop by LifeLabs Learning, you’ll learn easy-to-implement strategies that will take managers from good to great. You'll also receive access to our Great Manager Playbook, in which we share the most essential lessons we've learned about the systems, tools, and skills your company can use to unlock the power of your managers fast.

Megan is the Director of Facilitation at LifeLabs Learning. She has a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and specializes in managing distributed teams. Before LifeLabs Learning, she led L&D at Huge and managed the leadership development program at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Leadership Academy. In her six years at LifeLabs Learning, Megan has trained thousands of managers and execs (at companies such as Instacart, Datadog, Nerdwallet, and Vimeo) in leadership skills, as well as worked hundreds of HR and People Ops leaders in fast-growth companies to build high-performance managers and teams.


✅ Ideal for: People and Talent leaders

⚙️ In this mini-workshop, you will:
- Understand the core behaviors that have the biggest impact on manager success
- Practice manager tipping point skills, like coaching and feedback
- End with a plan to spread and scale manager training across your company




Additional Materials

  • Join our community: Sign up to join our Slack community for People Ops and HR professionals!
  • The Great Manager Playbook: This playbook contains insights, templates, and tools to help you unlock the power of managers at your company.
Pre-read the guide from LifeLabs Learning here:

Core Management Skills: Coaching, Feedback, Productivity, and One-on-Ones

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